In the very first days of February 2021 the tracks from "Domini" Demo 2007 were re-recorded 
and released under the title "Domini MMXXI". "The Fuck Sessions" were recorded in February 22-24, 2021. 
Two sessions, 15 minutes each and 12 tracks in total of re-recorded "Jesus Feeble Lord" 
and "Domini" demos. 

In June 2, 2016 was released a Cassette Tape version of the album "Unrevelation". 
Limited to 200 copies by Southern Plague records (Argentina). 
This tape release contains all the eight tracks from the album + one bonus track 
(Darkthrone - Lifeless cover).

The new album "Unrevelation" was recorded in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in late April 2015.
It contains 8 tracks and it's released by Black Metal Cult records (USA) on CD, limited 
to 500 hand-numbered copies. This release also contains 5 bonus tracks from 2007. 
The first 100 copies of it are a Die Hard edition: poster, patch and stickers are coming with it.
On September 8, Calth recorded a cover version of the song "Lifeless" by Darkthrone for a
Tribute double CD entitled "A Blaze In The Northern Of Transilvania" 
and released by Azermedoth Records (Mexico) in the last days of June 2016.

4 way split CD, limited to 500 copies of Raw and intense Black Metal attack was released by
the German label Ewiges Eis Records. Leichenstatte (Germany), Halla (Iran), Calth (Bulgaria) 
and Råten (Spain). The CD is entitled "Misanthropic Death" and contains two tracks of Calth: 
"Black Flame Embrace" promo track from 2008 and "The Utter Religion of Death" from 2007.
The first full-length album, recorded in 2007 "Fight For a New Become" was released by Satanarsa Records
(Russia) in the summer of 2009. Nine tracks on limited edition pro-CD-R with black/white cover artwork.
"War Against the False Flame" was released in August 2009 by the English label Darkness Shade Records
as a Demo CD, limited to 20 hand-numbered copies only. In this CD are five of the six tracks from
"Jesus Feeble Lord" demo tape, released by Kassetten Edition Dreizack (Germany) in limited edtition to
66 copies at February 2009. "Realms of Blasphemy" promo tape, limited to 33 copies was released
in May 2009 by Kassetten Edition Dreizack and includes 3 promo tracks: "Reborn" - early version from 2004;
"Black Flame Embrace" promo track from 2008 and "The Fall of Poisoned Order",
taken from "Jesus Feeble Lord" demo tape. Kassetten Edition Dreizack released in January 2009 also
the tape version of "Fight For a New Become" album, that includes 6 tracks from it under the title
"Rejection of the Criminal Church", limited to 66 copies. Some of the tracks versions in the tape have
a little differences than the album ones.

"Black Flame Embrace" promo track was recorded in 2008 with lyrics in Bulgarian for a first time.
"Towards the First Blasphemy" is a promo/demo tape release that came up from the underground label
"Winter Solace productions" (USA), limited to 66 hand-numbered copies. This tape contains the three tracks
from "Towards the Ruins of Church" demo and the early version of the track "Reborn". 
"The Utter Religion of Death" is a promo/demo tape limited to 28 copies only and was released by
Acclaim Records (Bulgaria). There are three tracks from "Fight for a New Become" and two from "Domini".

The first full-lenght album of nine tracks was recorded - 'Fight for a New Become". 
Three tracks from it before mastering for a CD version were released as a promo tape with black/white cover,
limited to 166 copies by Kassetten Edition Dreizack under the name "My Reach in the Unholy Night". 
The demo "Domini" which contains re-recorded the earliest tracks of Calth was released on a tape, limited to
500 copies by Kassetten Edition Dreizack. The tape comes with a black/white/red cover artwork. 
A very small edition promo CD-R was released by Acclaim Records, having only two tracks from "Domini"
demo. "Promo 2007" was released only with promotional purpose, not for sale.
"Towards the Ruins of Church" is the first promo/demo recording of Calth and it was released as
limited edition CD-R by Acclaim Records. Contains three tracks only.

The first ever recorded track of Calth - "Reborn" was included in the underground black metal compilation 
"We Worship..." Vol.3 by A.M.F productions (Bulgaria). Calth track is in the first CD, they are two in total.

The promo track "Pagan Altar" was recorded but not released until 2014.

The idea for the black metal band Calth was born and the first track was recorded - "Reborn"...